JMS VIP LIMO Limousine Service is a high expertise car service, located in New York. They are available in some central cities all around the world. No other company can't defeat with this fascinating car service because of their highly trained drivers who are experienced and professional for many years. Their main motto is to provide the highest level services the most luxurious vehicle to the clients.

However, you may don't know this company has two partners. One of them is the Limousine Association of New Jersey; another one is the National Limousine Association. Thus it is an undefeated Limousine service in the world. Here we will share some information that you should know and can also help you to take a ride. So, let's go!

Types of JMS VIP LIMO Limousine Service

Mainly they have three types of Limousine services such as Transportation Services, Management Services, and Airport Transfers. It is described below to relief you from the tension of choose right one for you.

Transportation Service

It is the quickest and most excellent choice when you need door-to-door service or direct transportation within two geographic locations. This service is most efficient for trips from the airport and different transportation centers. Clients are charged at a flat rate and in some cases clients may also charge hourly which depends on driving time and geographical distance.

City to City

It is another comfortable transport option besides trains and flights. Limousine Service will take the clients from one city to another with exclusive flat rates. You will arrive in your desired place safely with unparalleled professionalism.

Meetings & Events Services

JMS VIP LIMO is corporate and convention shuttle services which deliver a wide range of transport solution to support relocation. It also relieves the clients from overcrowded employee parking lots and uses traditionally designed fixed route. It can help you to join the meetings or events at the right time and manages multiple-venue convention shuttles.

Airport pickup and drop off

It offers a professional meet and receives services. Our solicitous office workers observe each arriving and take off a flight. They also monitor the arrival time of a customer to assure the driver to stay in the right place at the right time. You can get their updates and location by using their mobile app.


Fleets of JMS VIP LIMO Limousine Service

Chrysler 300

This luxurious car is produced and marketed by FCA US, and its antecedent companies. Do you want to know the configuration of the Chrysler 300? Well, it is a front-engine and full-sized luxury car with a rear-wheel-drive. Its first generation is the station wagon and the current or second generation is a four-door sedan. The second generation of Chrysler 300 was invented as the Chrysler 300C in UK and Ireland. It can seat up to six people.

Suburban LTZ

With rear- or four-wheel drive Suburban LTZ has regular-duty 1500 models available. And also heavy-duty 2500 version with the 6.0-liter (V-8 that powered it) is available. New variants of the Suburban and its siblings are based on the redesigned Chevrolet. Tahoe is the most extended version of Suburban, and it can seat up to nine people. Suburban races with another full-size SUV like the Ford Expedition EL, Nissan Armada, and Toyota Sequoia.

Cadillac XTS

Cadillac XTS is a five-seated, full-size luxury sedan which offers with front- or all-wheel drive. Its horsepower is 304 with 3.6-liter V-6 standard. At the same time, the Vsport trim level utilizes a twin-turbo version of the V-6 which produces 410 hp. It can seat up to four people.

Cadillac Escalade

Do you want to know what "Escalade" means? Well, it means a siege warfare tactic of climbing defensive walls or barriers with the support of ladders or siege towers. However, it is a full-sized luxury SUV engineered car which is manufactured by Cadillac, and it's first notable entry into the famous SUV market. It is built in Arlington, Texas. The introduction of the Escalade was as the 1999 model year in response to German and Japanese opponents. It can seat up to six people.

There are many more fleets in JMS VIP LIMO. You can choose them while booking on online.

Here are some Limousine Services in different cities. Have a look on them.

Use Limousine Service New York

Are you willing to visit New York for business or tour purpose? Then, you can use Limousine Service New York where you need. They offer pick-up and drop-off everywhere in the city. Their friendly drivers are always ready to pick up the client’s 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Are you a newbie in NYC? No worries! Limousine Service will help you. They have dedicated limo drivers who are waiting for you to from the airport, take you to your desired hotel or place. Clients can book their trip, an hourly package or whatever you want to go.


Use Limousine Service New Jersey

You will also get the Limousine service in New Jersey. Here you will get the same advantages as New York. Their policies are the same for all cities around the world. All of the companies they work within New Jersey are fully insured and licensed. Are you searching a reliable ride to the New Jersey airport? Let experience once their trip. We bet you can't see anyone after that. The principal factor of the success of JMS VIP LIMO understands the satisfaction of clients.

Use Limousine Service Long Island

It's a hobby of many people to get married in Long Island. Undoubtedly your wedding day is one of the most valuable days in your life. Unluckily, many wedding days have been destroyed because of transport problems. Don't take a chance on that day. Limousine Service can provide you a classy feel during your precious days. And most importantly all their vehicles are fashionable and perfect for wedding pictures. Not only for wedding Limousine Service Long Island is famous for Wine Tours, airport transportation and hourly service.

Use Limousine Service Pennsylvania

Here they offer several services, and you can book as usual from online. Are you tired of putting up with the trouble of going to the airport by yourself? Then let Limousine Service help you. The professional driver won't just drive for you also avoid the traffic jam and long-term parking. The drivers stay in the right time at the airport or any transport hubs. Moreover, if you are willing to make a plan for a big night out at a local casino, they can help you.

Use Limousine Service Connecticut

You will find a full spectrum of luxury transportation services in Connecticut Limousine Service which are sure to pass the expectations of even the most discriminating traveler. They take care of your time and safety from booking to reaching your desired destination. There are several travel systems in Limousine Service Connecticut such as Corporate Travel, Wedding Travel, Leisure Travel, Airport Travel, Hartford & New Haven Travel, International Travel and many more.

Final Verdict

JMS VIP LIMO is a group of dedicated specialists in the car service industry. No matter where you stay, you will find JMS VIP LIMO Limousine Service. You may need private tours, taking from and to airports, train or bus stations, corporate meetings or events, wedding or bachelor party, you just have to book it from online. Rest of the job will be done by their experienced driver. For the comfortable and smooth drive take a chance with JMS VIP LIMO.