Best limo service for sightseeing in New York

Sightseeing fun would be on another level when enjoying the moments on a luxurious limousine service. Roam around New York to your heart’s content and explore the spots that catch your eye. New York is an amazing city to sightsee. But hitting all the spots might not be possible for you and your friends, alone. Here the limo service comes into play as it can ensure perfect pickup & drop off timing, a limo driven by experienced & calm drivers, mind-boggling comfortable seating, no hassle of parking, kick out the need to find the routes, etc. JMS VIP LIMO does not need to brag about its position as one of the best limo service for sightseeing in New York. You will realize why it’s best just by going through this blog post. Stay tuned!

JMS VIP LIMO has the vehicles that you need for sightseeing in NYC

Before choosing your ride to go sightseeing in NYC, you should know which ones are suitable for a safe and satisfying journey. Here in the following, we will share the ride and their suitable customers. Hope you will find a suitable limo service for sightseeing in New York for yourself.

Married couples pick

Married couples can go on for sightseeing. Luxury sedans and exotic vehicles are perfect for them. Our exotic fleets like Rolls Royce Phantom and Rolls-Royce Ghost are the perfect transportation for a newly married couple. The payment for this special category vehicle is more than $300 per hour. But if the couples have kids, they should choose an SUV as it has a total of 6 seats. Fleets like Lincoln Navigator and Cadillac Escalade can be very useful for this case. In JMS VIP LIMO you will find the SUV rental cost per hour $115-$125.

The right limo for young friends

Going with your friends calls for a smooth ride that overall ensures a better sightseeing experience. If you are going with a lot of friends is a concern then choosing a stretch limo is also one of the best options. The huge windows of the premium stretch limousine will help you to enjoy the view while sitting on the spacious sofa in our limo. For hiring a limo you have to book at least 5 hours while the charge will remain between $150-$200. The charge rate per hour will alter with rush hour booking and normal hour booking. Luxury sedans & luxury SUVs are also great options for a small group of friends to sightsee NYC. A small peer group can get our luxury sedans like Mercedes S Class, BMW 7 Series, Lincoln Continental, Cadillac XTS, Tesla Model X, etc at per hour $115-$125 per for the limousine service for sightseeing in New York.

Limo ride for the middle age people

Middle age people might not care about the looks all that much but care more about comfort and capacity if they’re trying to have a big group of people with them, the van is more suitable. As it’s more about comfort than about its looks. We have Mercedes Benz Sprinters has 14 seats and 8 luggage holding capacities. Minimum 5 hours with the pricing of 125$. And Mercedes Benz sprinter business has 8 seats and 4 luggage holding capacities. It’s 160$/5 hours minimum.

Why choose JMS VIP LIMO for sightseeing in New York?

It’s vital to be aware of the company’s service when you reserve a limousine. Check out this section to be confident of our fantastic customer service which made us an exclusive limo service for sightseeing in New York.

Outstanding Reviews

Make sure to never book a service that does not have good reviews from their clients. The JMS VIP LIMO can happily claim that we have enough reviews on Google. Just search out the name and you will find it in the right corner of the screen. So you can keep your trust in us for hiring us for limo service for sightseeing in New York.

Awesome feedback from the clients on our website

Apart from the Google review, you will also find testimonials on our website which show we are true to our service. And we are sure once you ride with us, you will leave us with an excellent testimonial too.

Affordable packages

While planning to roam around New York, you don’t need to break your bank as your rental cost is quite affordable. Our limo service for sightseeing in New York packages is affordable for any average Joe.

A top-notch chauffeur ensures a safe ride

There is no point in riding a luxury limo when the chauffeur is not the top class. We proudly say that each of our chauffeurs is an expert in driving. Not only do they know the alternative route to avoid traffic during the sightseeing tour but also ensure to avoid any unwanted situation on the road. Plus, our drivers don’t have any kind of bad habits like drinking and drugging, etc. It adds more bricks to the overall safety wall. Moreover, we go through a regular screening to check out the driver’s current state of driving skill. And we never recruit any diver who has any previous bad records from other companies or who does not own a valid license. Our chauffeur played a big role to enter our name into the list of premium limo services for sightseeing in New York.

A flawless vehicle with high maintenance

No matter how latest a ride is, it can become trash if it’s not maintained properly. The JMS VIP LIMO gives high priority to cleaning & maintenance of every single vehicle. Our dedicated mechanical team is always ready to fix any little issues and keep the fleets in pristine condition.

Efficiency in timing

As a prestigious limo service, we highly value the time of our customers. We make sure to show you the maximum spots in the shortest possible time. While ensuring the ride remains comfortable & plush. Due to our knowledge of the streets of New York, our chauffeurs will be able to save you time during the sightseeing ride.

Smooth booking system

One of the main catches of our service is we have a smooth booking system. Our customer service team is always on standby to provide you with the information for your desirable limo booking. Just call this number and make a small portion of the advanced payment, and your booking is complete.

Customizable option

Giving priority to the customer’s needs we can offer you custom offers or packages. We have a clear idea that an old age group sightseeing tour is never the same as a youngster group’s sightseeing tour. So, starting from the specific fleets we will suggest spectacular spots which are friendly for each group of people.

Facilities for drinks & snacks

Not all of our limo segments are equipped with these facilities. You can only enjoy these features in Exotic Vehicle, Stretch Limo, and the Part Bus. With an extra payment, we can arrange for you the drinks and snacks you want to have during the ride.

Pickup from both the city & the airport

For the convenience of our beloved clients, we have the pick-up option for any airport in New York. There would be an additional $ 215+ toll charge for the airport pickup. However, if you live in New York or already got into a hotel, then the extra charge is not required. Our sober chauffeur will be waiting for you at the pickup destination before the starting time of the package.


JMS VIP LIMO is your best option in New York City if you want to sightsee. Whether it’s with your family, or with your friends or retired colleagues, it doesn’t matter. As long as you choose our services, you’re sure to be benefited. With us, you can look forward to a smooth ride, a safe and sound journey, and free of any worries and anxieties. Our commitment, professional service, reliability, and long experience, helped us to become one of the best limo service for sightseeing in New York. So if you’re planning on sightseeing in NYC, don’t hesitate and book a vehicle from JMS VIP LIMO right now!

Faqs About Best limo service for sightseeing in New York

What is the per-hour rent of a limo service for sightseeing in New York?

If you want to rent a limo for a sightseeing trip in New York, you have to take into account several things such as total rental hours, pick-an-hour, off-hour, fleet type, airport pickup, hotel pickup, home pickup, etc. The hourly cost of a luxury sedan is $115-$125, that of a luxury SUV is $115-$125, and the cost of a sprinter van is $125-$160. Stretch limousines cost around $150-$180 per hour. Exotic vehicles would cost anywhere between $400 and $800, depending on the time of pick-up or drop-off.

Which company provides the top-notch limo service for sightseeing in New York?

JMS VIP LIMO stands out as a top-notch limo service for sightseeing in NYC. The combination of supreme fleets, elite-level chauffeurs, reasonable rental cost, timely pickup & drop off, and highly maintained vehicles, make this limo company a big name in the relevant industry/

Can I reserve a limo service for a few-hour ride in New York?

The average limo rental is 3 hours for the mid-high level category fleet like premium vans, exclusive sedans, party buses, etc. On the other hand, stretch limousines and exotic fleets can be hired for at least 5 hours at a time. If you want to take the ride for the entire night or day, we can also book that for you. Then there will be additional charges too.

How early should I book a limousine service for a sightseeing ride in New York?

Due to the high demand for stretch limos & exotic vehicles, it's best to book these units 2-3 days before the sightseeing day or night. While other fleet categories like luxury sedans, luxury SUVs, party buses, sprinter vans, etc can be booked one day before the tour day.

What are the advantages of renting a limo service for sightseeing in New York?

The advantages of hiring a limo for sightseeing in NYC are immense. You don't have to think about changing the taxi multiple times. The chauffeur will be fully taken care of finding the routes to your destination. There is no issue with parking also. Even if the road is full of traffic, the driver will change the route to save your precious time. Now come to the main advantages and these are riding with full luxury, touring with style, comfort & elegance, enjoying the view from a big window of a limo, enjoying the high-level privacy, hanging out with your entire peer group, enjoying versatile drinks while riding the limo, and takes some excellent tips to make the most of your limo service.

How do I make a reservation for a sightseeing limousine in New York?

With JMS VIP LIMO, you can book a sightseeing limo ride in just a few clicks. Make a reservation by calling (201) 567-8475 and paying a deposit.

How specialized is the chauffeur of sightseeing limo service in New York?

An applicant for a limo chauffeur position isn't considered unless he or she has excellent driving skills or a valid license. To ensure client safety and satisfaction, JMS VIP LIMO drivers receive training.

Can I get any customized package to book a limo for the tour in New York?

In the JMS VIP LIMO, you can get a customized package. Our client service will analyze all your plans and provide you with the best-suited package.

Can I change my route plan instantly during the sightseeing limo ride in New York??

Yes, you can change the route instantly during the ride. But that might disrupt the chauffeur's route plan a bit. With their expertise, they will ensure to take you to the new destination as fast as possible.

Which places will a limo service take me for sightseeing in New York?

The sightseeing places in New York are more than 100s. You will become tired if you want to go to every famous place. If you plan the JMS VIP LIMO service for the entire day we will try to take you to at least 25-30 world-famous spots in New York. Our limo service will take you to places like Time Square, Brooklyn Bridge, the Statue of Liberty, the Empire State Building, Broadway, Madison Square Garden, Central Park, Rockefeller Center, Coney Island, Brighton Beach, Long Beach, etc.

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