Best Limousine service for business travel in New York

Business travelers are the savviest, socially advanced, and elegant individuals who need to get their business deal fast and get ready for the next deal. Due to their hectic schedule, premium reliable transportation gives them advantages in many ways. New York is one of the remarkable financial hubs that is always flooded with big players in the business world. If you are one of those who would be visiting New York soon then the JMS VIP LIMO can be your pick option as we offer the Best Limousine service for business travel in New York. Apart from that, our gentle, jolly, and trained chauffeurs would be pleased to steer you safely to your destination, as well as, drop you off at your apartment with security, safety & sublimity. Have faith in us for making your arrival at the business meeting with glorious style. In this short blog post, we will have a sneak-peak at how the JMS VIP LIMO is climbing the ladder to become the pioneer in limousine service for business travel in New York.

Why is JMS VIP LIMO an excellent choice for your business travel in New York?

Without some strong points, it’s hard to stand out among the crowd, limo service is not out of this too. In NYC lots of limousine businesses grew with time with their hard work, consistency, and excellent client service. JMS VIP LIMO is one of those limo companies which is slowly making progress and already got a good name in the limo community. Limousine service for business travel in New York Let’s see what makes us an extraordinary limo service in the following part…
  • Ensuring sensual experience for businessmen and the business management team of a company through flawless transportation service.
  • No delay in Pick up & Drop off.
  • Customized affordable packages are available that reduce the overall cost of your business tour.
  • Direct pick up from a private jet compound.
  • High-level security unlike any taxi service
  • Premium vehicle collections that keep a better impression
  • VIP-level service which includes top of luxury rides & chauffeur with the professional gestures
  • Reliable means of transportation that is looked after by a group of mechanics
  • Complete privacy during the business tour
  • Secured vehicles with ultimate driving skills increase overall security

4 strong points that make us specialize in providing limos for business travelers in New York

Businessmen are tightly scheduled people who can’t afford to waste time & need a flawless car service while going for a meeting in a different city or country. Taking their priority into consideration JVS VIP LIMO has arranged its limo line in a way that gives it a place to claim one of the outstanding limousine services for business travel in New York. In the following let’s explore the key factors that make our service a bold one…

Carry the business aura with the stunning fleets

Business owners never like to move in ways that don’t get with their style. Specifically when they are reaching far away from home where no luxury car is readily available. We take that thing seriously and provide you with the too class vehicle in the world that keeps your image the way you want. Even if you are a business executive traveling with your top management, you can use our marvelous sprinter van from the luxurious Mercedes Benz.

The chauffeur can drive fast & ensure a secure ride

It’s never easy to reach the business meeting point within the allotted time, especially in a city like New York. As the city dwellers start their day for office & business the traffic in the roads gets high. Which makes it extremely difficult to find out the shortest route to reach the spot. Here comes the twist, each one of our chauffeurs knows the streets of NYC clearly, so they will be able to drop you off without being late for the meeting. We do understand that an early stepping into the business meeting shows that you are someone fast & gives a good impression for a business deal. With years of skills, the chauffeurs of JMS VIP LIMO also have basic training on getting out or handling an unwanted situation on the roads. This unique point of our driver makes the limousine service for business travels in New york a safer one.

Reasonable pricing

Business man always looks for a win-win situation. On business travel, there’s already enough spent before even getting the deal on hand. So reducing the overall spending of business travelers give them extra relief and here we stand out a bit more unique than others. Apart from delivering a matchless limo service we also ensure to keep a competitive price range. Everyone knows NYC is a pricey place. Which makes it hard to offer a minimal price for this exclusive service. However, the JMS VIP LIMO here brings the customers priority first and then thinks about the money & growth. We highly acknowledge the fact that by letting a bit loose at our vehicles per hour price rate we eventually gain a more range of clients who love us back.

Smooth booking system

Communication in this 21st century is enhanced greatly thanks to the internet and mobile phones. Hence, reaching us is a piece of cake. By performing some simple touches, you can connect with us instantly. Our email address is [email protected] Just include your message and tap send. It’s very easy. For your consideration, we also have a workable phone number. You can hear our voice in no time by calling this number: 1 (201) 567-8475 also. We will always answer your call & offer you the best package that suits your schedule. You will notice that in the google search bar if you type our company name it will show 10+ google reviews about our service. And we feel extremely provided for each of these valuable reviews which give us the motivation to reach the next level in our limo service.

JMS VIP LIMO service’s fleets & the rates

When it comes to the hourly rate of our limousine service for business travel in New York, you will see a variety of rates. The reason behind the ups & downs in the rates came from the level of luxury of the fleet and their availability in pick hour & off hour. Let’s explore our hourly rate in the following…

Luxury SUV

If you are someone who likes to keep casual in their business meeting then our luxury SUV is the one you can book. Adding to that, this option is good for 2-3 people. In terms of price, you won’t find it excessive as we keep the charge for luxury SUVs around $115-$125 only per hour. You can choose any of the following vehicles from this segment…
  • Cadillac Escalade
  • Chevrolet Suburban
  • Range Rover
  • Lincoln Navigator

Luxury Sedans

Looks of the car matter and it keeps your impression high during a business meeting in your upcoming partner’s private organization. Luxury sedans never fail to serve this purpose while you get the comfort too. Here at JMS VIP LIMO, we have the best-looking sedans which will cost you $110-$125 per hour. Though the minimum hiring time is for 3 hours, we always have the extension rental for your convenience. For extra hours, the same hourly charge will be applied. This segment is most suitable for a group of 2-3 people who are planning to hold some business meetings. From the following list, you can pick your desirable ride from this category…
  • Chrysler 300
  • Tesla Model X
  • BMW 7 Series
  • Cadillac XTS
  • Lincoln Continental
  • Mercedes S550

Luxury Van

For big deals, business organizations often need to send a big team of 10-15 people from one city to another. Our prestigious vans are the perfect pick for such a case. We kept two Mercedes vans in our fleet which are highly reputed for a comfy ride. The Mercedes Benz Sprinter can accommodate 14 passengers while the Mercedes Benz Sprinter Business can carry 8 passengers. And the hourly rate for these two units is $125 per hour for the first one and $160 per hour for the latter one.

Exotic vehicles

Business magnets always roll out with style & elegance, and our sophisticated exotic vehicles are just the right choice that can carry the aura of millionaires. The JMS VIP LIMO is lucky to have fleets like Rolls Royce Phantom, and Rolls Royce Ghost. Due to the top-demanding vehicle, the per-hour cost can vary from $400-$800. Moreover, this price can go slightly high if the booking is done on pick hour.

Final words

Business travel is mostly stressful as you can miss a deal while negotiating with your counterparts. So hiring a high-end limo service would be an excellent idea to keep your mind free from the headache from airport to destination. With JMS VIP LIMO, you can look forward to a comfortable & safe ride to your pick-up & drop-off locations. Our corporate fleets and chauffeurs will ensure that you receive the best service. Without any second thought, you can ride with us & book us for your business travel in NYC. As the top-notch limousine service for business travel in New York, we hope you will find us to be a great choice.


How much does it cost to rent a limousine for business travelers in New York?

For business travelers, the cost of renting a limousine service can fall between $125-$165 for a luxury sedan or luxury SUV. While the price of a van can fluctuate from $145-$200 depending on the type of fleet. For the most demanding unit, the exotic vehicle would cost around $300-$800. Which can increase or decrease based on the pick or non-peak-hour rent.

Which limo service company is best for business travelers in New York?

The A-Z of JMS VIP LIMO makes it one of the best limo providers for business travelers in New York. A combination of the following makes it best... ● Highly experienced & punctual chauffeur ● Simple booking system ● Full-time customer service ● Budget-friendly pricing ● A vast number of elite fleets ● Guarantee for timely pickup & drop off ● Pick up from any point in New York ● Mint condition vehicles for a smooth ride

Can I reserve a limousine for business travel in New York for a few hours?

Yes, you can reserve a limousine service for your business travel in New York at the JMS VIP LIMO. If you plan to book a sedan, SUV or van, the minimum hiring time is for 3 hours. And if you want to rent for additional hours we can arrange that too for you.

How early should I book my limousine for business travel in New York?

Apart from the exotic vehicle, you can book the sedan, van or SUV the day before the traveling day. For exotic vehicle booking, it is recommended to book them 3-4 days before the visiting hours in New York.

What are the benefits of using a limo service while traveling for business in New York?

The main benefit of using a limo service during business travel is that they are extremely reliable, safe, and highly secured rides driven by top-rated chauffeurs who will pick you up & drop you off timely. Adding to that, you can enjoy the same luxury you are used to as most limo companies have prestigious rides in their fleet. And JMS VIP LIMO is one of them.

How do I make a reservation for business travel in New York?

Getting a limo ride for an anniversary night is simple at JMS VIP LIMO. Simply call us at (201) 567-8475 and pay a small fee for the booking. Our customer service team will try to give you the best package for your business travel in New York.

Are the drivers for an anniversary night limousine service in New York licensed and insured?

No limo chauffeurs are secreted without being evaluated on their license card, or excellent driving skill. On top of that, drivers of JMS VIP LIMO get training to keep the ride safer & client-friendly.

Which fleets are available for limousine service for business travel in New York?

For business traveling in New York many types of fleets are available. Among them, luxury sedans, luxury vans, and luxury SUVs are popular for providing services to the business executives like CEOs, CFO etc. Furthermore, exotic cars like Rolls Royce are available to hire by business owners if they want to portray their status.

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