Best Limousine service for Casino trips in New York

New York City is one of the most luxurious states in the US, renowned for housing some of the well-known casino facilities. Doesn’t it feel depressing to head toward these exotic venues in a car? I’m sure it does. To make your voyage extravagant and refreshing you can count on JMS VIP Limo service for your exciting trip to the casinos of New York. We offer budget-friendly limousine service for casino trips in New York. The vehicles are maintained by a professional, friendly, licensed, and uniformed chauffeur. Keep your worries sealed in a box. Your safety is our primary purpose. Hop on, have a drink in the backseat, relax & just trust your guide. Stay tuned to learn a bit more about our casino limousine service.

Features of casino limousine services

Road accidents are a major concern these days. Unprofessional and unskilled drivers make journeys fearful to customers and less fun. The drivers of JMS VIP LIMO service are famed for their skillful navigation of vehicles. , but they are also known for their friendly attitude. They will make you feel like you know them for a long time! Apart from that, they are punctual. They have to pick you up and drop you to your residence with utmost safety. The drivers are committed to customer satisfaction. Limousine service for Casino trips in New York JMS VIP LIMO service can be regarded as one of the most popular limousine services for casino trips in New York. It is simply one of the best. Let’s have a look at the elemental features of this service.
  • Luxurious transportation service to almost all casinos in New York Perfect for lovebirds, friends from work, and buddies.
  • A wider range of fleets is suitable for any group of people.
  • The price point of all packages is affordable for most people.
After the casino night, if you plan on chilling out at a bar, pub, or club, with your friends, our limousine service will also transport you there. However, for any extra hour, you have to pay additional charges.

First-class fleets of our limousine service for casino trips in New York

JMS VIP LIMO service is loaded with fleets that provide an exceptional riding experience in the happening city of New York. Our fleets are not something that will go under the radar when it makes an entry. As part of our limousine service, you can enjoy rides in Classic Sedans, Classic Suv, Luxury Van, Stretch Limo, Super Stretch Limo, Luxury Party Bus, and Luxury Coach Bus. In the category of Classic Sedan, the BMW 7 series, and Mercedes Benz S Class are the most notable vehicles. Within the Classic Suv, Cadillac Escalade ESV, Chevrolet Suburban and Range Rover are top-notch limousines. If you seek to ride on classic stretch limousines, look no further and choose our dashing Chrysler 300 Stretch Limousine (White), Chrysler 300 Stretch Limousine (Black),  or, you can also select Lincoln MKT Stretch Limousine (Black). If a lot of your buddies feel like joining you to share the excitement of the trip, you can count on our party buses or even coach buses. In the category of party buses, there are 24 Passenger Party Bus, 29 Passenger Party Bus, and 36 Passenger Party Bus. Among the coach buses, 49 Passenger Coach Bus and 56 Passenger Coach Bus are available. Tell your buddies not to worry, because we are not leaving them behind! We give you the promise that our marvelous fleets are the most suitable for limousine service for casino trips in New York.  

Security and reliability through timely maintenance of vehicles and screening of drivers.

 With exotic transportation, ensuring customer satisfaction has to be the primary objective of any limo service. The market of limo services depends solely on customers. To win the trust of customers, our limo service conducts perfect maintenance of the vehicles for the smoothest ride possible. All the drivers are highly trained and have legal licenses to steer passengers friendly with security and safety. Anyone willing to travel with us can remain stress-free in a secure environment and enjoy a cozy ride. The drivers are screened both externally and internally. It is highly prohibited in our service to hand over the keys of vehicles to a driver who is drunk or not in the mood of driving mentally disturbed. Plus, they are amazing at giving warm gestures toward customers and understanding customers’ needs with patience, sincerity, and care.  Our reputation is all over New York for keeping these promises to the customers’ end. If you want full commitment regarding trust & security JMS VIP LIMO would be the unbeatable limousine service for casino trips in New York.

Easy process for booking any particular limo in JMS VIP LIMO Service

Email and mobile phones have made it easier to communicate these days. Our booking procedure is absolutely stress-free. With some simple steps, you can reach out to us in no time. On our website, there is a tab called contact. After visiting there, you just need to fill up some boxes and send enter. If you find it exhausting, you can also contact us through our mail [email protected]. Our phone number is also included there for your benefit. You can reach us at this number: 1(201) 567-8475 also. You can leave the rest to us. Our reviews indicate we are going on the right path regarding customer service. And the testimonials justify that the customers are really delighted to use the high-end limo service. So, if you fully made up your mind to enjoy a few hours in NYC then our limousine service for casino trips in New York would be the best option for you.

High-end casino venues that are covered by our limousine service

Our professional drivers will be enthusiastic about taking you to some of the most luxurious casino facilities. They are ready to pick you up and drop you home with tenderness and care. The casinos that our service covers are listed as follows for your benefit:
  • Resorts World Hudson Valley
  • Casino Parties LLC Manhattan NY
  • Casinos By M&M
  • Casino Party 4U
  • Jake’s 58 Casino Hotel
  • Big Deal Casino School
  • NYC Poker Clubs
Here we mentioned some of the well-reputed casinos in NYC. We also take our clients to other casinos. To say it another way, our limousine service for casino trips in New York will drop you anywhere within the boundary of NYC.

Our limousine rates and time for casino trips in New York

Each vehicle is attached with a different price. Let’s have a look at the details of the limousine rate & hiring time of JMS LIMO Service.

Luxury SUV

The price rate of the Luxury SUV ranges from $115-$125, per hour. This SUV limousine has to be hired for a minimum of 3 hours. But, It might not be a good idea if there are more than 3 people. Other than that, it is okay to book.

Luxury Sedans

The cost of the Luxury Sedan ranges from $110 to 125$. Unlike Luxury SUVs, Luxury sedans have room for 3 people. It can be booked for 3 hours. After that, charges will add up.

Luxury Van

A cozy and comforting ride is provided by our Luxury Van. It will ensure give you a party vibe and the experience will be priceless. While the per-hour cost is $115-125, the minimum booking time is 3 hours. If you are a group of 4 people, a luxury van can be an outstanding option for your casino trip in New York.

Stretch Limousines

Classic Stretch Limousines are the busier and most demanding fleets in our service. Stretch Limousines makes us well-reputed among limousine lovers. So, these long glossy vehicles are always looked up to by our regular clients. It is wise to book them earlier. We don’t keep their call rate available on our website. You have to call & confirm with us then the cost will be revealed to you. We provide our stretch limousine for a minimum of 5 hours and the price rate would be confirmed during booking. Among all our fleets, Stretch Limousine is surely the most desirable option for limousine service for casino trips in New York.

Exotic vehicles

JMS VIP LIMO service proudly owns units like Rolls Royce, Bentley, and Maybach which are used by the kings & Presidents of many countries. Rolling out in the street of New York with our royal fleet will make your casino trip a royal one. You can book these vehicles for 3 hours minimum. Due to the high demand for these vehicles, we recommend our clients kindly contact us 2-3 days before your casino night out. The rate of these units is hidden and revealed only during the booking time.

Final Words

Casinos are a favored place for elite-class people. An individual going there surely would love to evade hassle and ruin the mood. To prevent that from taking place, our limousine service is here for you to kick out the noise from your life and color into your casino night trip. In the following paragraph, I would like to list some of the benefits of our limousine service.
  • Highly reliable transportation to casino facilities
  • Ensuring entrance to the site with luxury and style
  • Sufficient space ranging from 24 to 56 passengers inside the limousine
  • Proper customer satisfaction and safe rides with our professional chauffeurs
  • Punctuality, excellent road reading of the passenger to avoid traffic jams
  • The chauffeur will look after the parking issue and will be on standby at your desired point
  • Perfect timing for Pick Up & Drop Off
By now, hopefully, you are already impressed that JMS VIP LIMO is undoubtedly the best limousine service for casino trips in New York.


What is the cost of limousine service for casino trips in New York?

A casino limousine service in New York will cost at least $125-$140 per hour. You can hire them for 3-5 hours depending on the vehicle type.

Which is the best limousine service for casino trips in new York?

Loaded with many royal & luxurious fleet JMS VIP LIMO is surely the best casino limousine service you can find in New York. Their smart driver, fast on-time service, safe ride, unparalleled comfort, and reasonable price range makes them the best casino limousine service in New York.

Can I reserve a casino limo service for just a few hours in New York?

Yes, you can hire a casino limo service for 3-5 hours with an affordable price range for the special night. If you want to spend more time you can also do that by spending extra charges.

How early should I book a limousine service for casino trips in New York?

Your pre-booking time depends on your limousine type. If you are looking for a stretch limousine & exotic vehicles then it is recommended to book at least 3-4 days before the casino night trip. On the other hand, if you plan to hire a luxury sedan or luxury SUV, then 1 day before on the party day you can get the booking.

Do casino limousine service drivers in New York have a name?

JMS VIP LIMO has the most qualified driver with professional background. These guys are trained to show the clients the perfect warm gesture during the entire casino trip ride.

Can I request a specific type of limousine service for casino trips in New York?

Yes, you can request or book any type of limousine for your prom in New York. For example, the JMS VIP LIMO offer luxury SUVs, luxury van, exotic vehicle, luxury sedan, and luxury party bus. You can book any type of fleet you want for a casino trip in New York with your friends & family.

How many passengers can fit in a casino trip limousine service in New York?

If you want to book a premium long sleek limousine like the Cadillac Escalade Stretch SUV limo, a Hummer limo. These spacious limousines can carry 14 passengers at a time making it the perfect ride for casino night.

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