Stretch Limo Services in New York : Rolling in Luxury with JMS VIP LIMO

Visiting New York City with style is not as costly as many people think. When you don’t have any fixed hired vehicles the fun of roaming around a new place fades off a lot. Here the stretch limousines serve the perfect recipe for the clients. It would be a splendid experience to explore the famous spots of NYC while riding an elegant stretch limo. On top of that, you will get multiple benefits out of it. JMS VIP LIMO provides the pioneer Stretch Limo Services in New York From A to Z you will enjoy the pinnacle of luxury, comfort, cozy interior, noiseless ride, spacious room for your big group, outstanding safety, and a reliable & highly trained chauffeur who ensure perfect timing to make the best use of your total booking time. Here, in this short blog,  you will see why JMS VIP LIMO service became the master of stretch limousine service.

How to Choose the Right Limousine Service Provider in New York?

New York is a massive city with a large number of limousine service providers. However, when it comes to quality it would be tough to bet which one will ensure top-notch service. For a seamless & fun experience, you need to look at the website of any stretch limousine service in New York. You can see the following things to get the best deal…

Fleet size & variations

Any limousine service that has a wide range fleet is supposed to be a reputed company. Because a company that keeps a big collection of limousines says all about their existence.


It would be hard to know without viewing any reviews that came from genuine customers. Try to see if there are good reviews about the ride on Google or the website itself. If you find enough info on their seamless service you can go for it.

Reasonable rate

Don’t fall for the cheapest rate! Because that might indicate bad service on the other corner. Make sure the service you are ready to enjoy offers a comparatively reasonable price than most of the company.

Why is JMS VIP LIMO service the best stretch limousine service in New York?

A long list of components all total makes the JMS VIP LIMO service one of the leaders in the limo rental market in NYC. Apart from giving a touch of sophistication and a royal feel, we ensure many things that increase the client’s trust. Let’s explore the factors that make us the market leader in the stretch limo service…

Professional and Reliable Chauffeurs

The first thing any clients want in a stretch limousine is a reliable plus professional chauffeur. And we have many of them in our team working for many years. Along with the proper timing of picking you up & dropping you off at the event place, they will ensure an extremely safe ride. Name any kind of party from a night out party, anniversary, corporate event, or prom night, to a wedding, our chauffeur will ensure that you reach the red carpet area with an unmatched level of style within the party time.

Safe and Secure Transportation

From the moment you step in our car, it’s our responsibility to ensure your safety. All our stretch limousines are equipped with the highest quality safety features. Adding to that, our chauffeur goes through frequent training so that they can tackle any situation on the road. As you lay down on the big fat seat, you can be certain that you are in good hands and that you will reach your destination safely. Our level of safety & reliability to the clients makes us one of the big names in the stretch limousine service in New York.

Convenient Pick-Up and Drop-Off Services

Our drivers have full in-depth knowledge of the streets of New York. So you can expect a ride with fewer traffic jam moments. Moreover, the convenient pick-up, & drop-off will help you to hit any big event timely. The rule of our stretch limousine service is the chauffeur will be present before the starting time. Adding to that, you don’t need to worry about parking. The driver will be fully responsible for that. As soon as you want to leave the party just call the chauffeur and he will be there right on the spot.

Perfect for Large Groups

Our stretch limousine service in New York is the perfect solution for people who are planning to visit New York with a large group. You can easily roam around the entire NYC with your friends & family in our stretch limousine. We have the highest capacity of 20 passengers in one our fleet.

Customized transportation solutions

Being in the business for a long time we know every trip demands different vehicles. We have tailored our stretch limousine transportation in different segments which will help to meet your customer’s demand. No matter whether you plan to tour NYC alone, with a big group, as a couple or 2-3 friends, you will get a customized package where you can enjoy our stretch limousine service. Our back-end team will talk to you to provide you with a customized transportation plan that would be suitable for your time & budget.

Commitment to Excellence

We feel highly proud due to our commitment to excellence. In our service, we never compromise to make sure that clients are not turning away from us. From our grand fleet to the fine-tuned attitude of the chauffeur will impress you for sure.

A Fleet of Lavish Vehicles

Our fleet is packed with vehicles that have gold standards all around the globe. You will find the ultimate stretch limousine in your service. Let’s get to know about our stretch limousine service in New York in the following…

Lincoln MKT White Limousine

With few competitors in the motor world, the Lincoln MKT White Limousine is the pick of the royal fleet. This spectacular machine provides luxury, safety, and unmatched comfort. The stunning white look of the car and the plushy roomy interior give the passengers unearthly feelings during the ride. Along with that, all the premium features are inbuilt into this amazing unit. Plus, the combination of a powerful engine & the epic suspension system ensures an excellent smooth ride. When it comes to entry on any eventful night, this vehicle is a killer option that will ensure a grand entry. A group of 8 people with 8 luggage can book this stretch limousine for roaming around and visiting the famous zone of NYC with style.

Cadillac Escalade Stretch Limo

Known for the highest level of comfort Cadillac Escalade Stretch Limo is the ultimate limousine for a big group of friends or family. Everything inside the limo is A class. From the supple leather seat to the high-end entertainment system, this is just the top-of-the-line in the limousine world. Plus, this vehicle gives you the highest level of privacy as there’s a partition wall between you and the chauffeur. The mind-boggling climate control system of this unit will ensure a comfy environment inside the limo. This big beauty can carry 18 passengers, making it one of the suitable ones for a big group planning to visit NYC for 1-2 days. Also, you can keep the lighting according to your mood as it’s gifted with ambient lighting. If you like hanging around with your friends and watching podcasts of Joe Rogan Experience or American Life then the sound system will make your fun time a perfect one.

Hummer Limo

The third big boy in our stretch limousine is the Hummer Limo. This rugged-looking limousine can carry 20 passengers at a time. So this might be an outstanding option if you already made a plan with a large group. You won’t see any compromise in luxury seating, mood lighting, climate control, ample interior space, a minibar, high-end entertainment feature, and the ultimate privacy. A road trip around the streets of NYC with our Hummer Limo would be a lifetime experience. Thanks to the large size windows, you can literally enjoy most of the stunning landscape of NYC while sitting inside the limo. If your top priority is to hit the red carpet with bold style then this is the premium one you can book from us.

Lincoln Town Car White/ Black

We have another unit from the Lincoln family the Lincoln Town Car. This brilliant unit can carry 8 passengers, so a decent choice for a mid-big size group of friends & family. If you are a bit picky and love to roam around with your wife the entire NYC, this stylish is a great option. The premium cozy interior, noiseless ride, high-value sound system, and luxurious lighting will make your trip a valuable one.

Competitive Pricing and Affordable Packages

Side by side with the luxury the JMS VIP LIMO service believes that the average joe also has the access to our stretch limousine service in New York. Keeping that in mind we offer our clients a reasonable price which helps them to visit NYC for different purposes that includes corporate events, wedding parties, prom nights, night out rides, family vacations, etc.

Stress-free commuting

The streets of NYC are full of traffic and our professionals are experts at navigating in this area. By hiring our stretch limousine service you can fully get rid of the stress and pain of driving through busy roads. Name anywhere you want to go, and our chauffeurs are on standby to take you to the desired venue. Due to their expertise, you can expect to reach the event place without being delayed.

Unforgettable Sightseeing Tours

New York is fully loaded with numerous places which are famous for sightseeing and people all around the world come to see this city of light. You have skyscrapers, historic buildings of the USA, a financial hub, and time square to endless spots to enjoy! We promise to gift you an unforgettable sightseeing ride with our incredibly luxurious stretch limousine service. Our highly capable drives will take you to maximum famous spots of NYC within the shortest possible time. Which will help you to save big bucks.

A sophisticated way to travel for special occasions

Everyone wants to keep a good memory of their special days of life. Which includes prom night, birthday party, wedding party, anniversary party, etc. Our stretch limousine fleets are worldwide known as royal rides. We keep each of our limousines in mint condition both in terms of outward looks and the interior. You will find plush seating, huge space for legroom, a minibar, an extraordinary entertainment system, mood lighting, etc. These features make our stretch limousine one of a kind.

Visit the famous NYC spot with the stretch limousine of JMS VIP LIMO

Even if you are visiting New York for a business purpose or for a vacation there are hundreds of sports you can explore. The JMS VIP LIMO promises to take you on one of the most mesmerizing tours of your life with our stretch limousine service in New York. Here, in the following, you can visit some awesome places with our stretch limousine…
Beach Historical Spot Kid-Friendly Spot Outdoors
Orchard Beach Statue of Liberty Intrepid Sea, Air & Space Museum The High Line
Rockaway Beach The Metropolitan Museum of Art Bronx Zoo Coney Island
Plumb Beach Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum American Museum of Natural History Bryant Park
Luna Park Whitney Museum of American Art New York Botanical Garden The Battery
Gunnison Beach Brooklyn Museum Central Park Zoo Hudson River Park
The National September 11 Memorial & Museum Brooklyn Children’s Museum Prospect Park
Belvedere Castle Rockefeller Center

Final Words

While most of the companies keep a sharp price tag, the JMS VIP LIMO ensures a budget-friendly cost for the average American who wants to use stretch limousine service in New York for various purposes. Our service is the combination of reliability, safety, perfect timing, reasonable price, smooth booking, talented chauffeur, and lavish rides, which makes us an unstoppable force in the stretch limousine market. So without any delay, book your next New York trip with our fancy fleets!

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