Best limo service for tours in New York

The colorful New York would look more colorful when you get access to roam around the entire city with a high-end limousine service. The JMS VIP LIMO is pleased to receive customers who want to explore NYC. Our luxury vehicles & top-notch chauffeur service would make sure you are going back to your home with an awesome experience. With all the promising fleets you can expect to have a one-of-a-kind experience with us on your New York tour. This simple blog is presented to you to give you a crystal clear idea about the best limo service for tours in New York.

Get the most out of your tour to New York City with JMS VIP LIMO

The city of New York never gets tired of welcoming thousands of visitors every single day. This big place has its big name not only for business and history but also for its multicultural society. With the high-end limo service of JMS VIP LIMO, you can spend an unforgettable 2-3 day tour in NYC that will be in your memory for a lifetime. So why are we the best limo service for tours in New York? Let’s find out the following…

Safe ride with highly trained chauffeurs

With all the reputed certification and training we prepare the best batch of chauffeurs that ensure an ultimate smooth ride along with their unmatched courtesy to our clients. During the entire tour in the limo, you don’t have to worry a single bit about the risky routes or routes that are known for traffic jams. The man behind the limo steering has an A to Z idea about the streets of NYC making it a fast & safer ride for the clients. When you want to go, inform our chauffeur, and he will take you there safe & sound.

Our chauffeurs are more like personal guides

Different age visitors have different needs while they are having a tour in NYC and our chauffeurs understand that very well. You will find the driver of the limo as a tour guide too who will be guiding you to enjoy in the best way in NYC. If you are someone who loves shopping he will take you mostly to the shopping area which is loaded with hundreds of boutique shops and modern shops. However, if you have a deep interest in the history of this city then he will take you to the monumental spot and tell details about them during the ride. Even if you want to simply enjoy the natural view of the city our chauffeurs will show you the spectacular spots. Apart from the main plan if you want to change your planning route, it’s no issue for the chauffeur. He will immediately turn to your newly planned route.

Affordable price range

We the JMS VIP LIMO feel good about the fact that our price rate is set in a way that gives access to all classes of people starting from the middle class to the rich. Whether you are a college-going group, high-officials of any company, business owners, newly married couples, a family with few lovely kids, or a bunch of old friends after retirement; we have a suitable limo package for all types of people.  

Premium limo fleets with the latest features

JMS VIP LIMO never fails to impress guests with exclusive fleets. Each vehicle of the limo collection is an absolute unit that won’t go under the radar when you visit any place in New York. People with a high taste in limos will find our collection a solid one. For the convenience of different groups and ages of people, we have specialized vehicles. As an example, for big young girls/boys groups we have the party bus and stretch limousines which is the perfect unit for a tour in New York. Like any other limo, you will find all the facilities like a cozy interior, plush & spacious sofa, noiseless ride, first-class sound system, unique mood lighting, top-notch privacy, climate control system, huge windows for perfect sight viewing, mini bar facilities for drinks, etc. Let’s have a short look at the list of our top-of-the-line limo units…
Luxury Sedan Stretch Limousine Luxury SUV Exotic Vehicle
Mercedes S550 Hummer Limo Cadillac Escalade Rolls Royce Phantom
Chrysler 300 Lincoln MKT White Limousine Lincoln Navigator Rolls Royce Ghost
Tesla Model X Cadillac Escalade Stretch SUV Limo Chevrolet Suburban
Lincoln Continental Lincoln Town Car Black/White Range Rover

Flawless pick-up & drop off with perfect timing

The customer receiving system of the JMS VIP LIMO is ultra-polished and we ensure there is no lacking from our end. Our expert chauffeur will be waiting for you at your pick-up point. You have the option to start your journey from any hotel, or even from the airport with our limo service for a tour in New York. However, if you plan to start the tour with us from the airport in New York, there would be some additional charge for that. Finally, the just-moment pickup & drop off our limo service will help you to see & enjoy more views within your planned time. The chauffeurs are always ready to provide you with a maximum tour in minimum time.

Why is New York a great place for a tour with the JMS VIP LIMO?

New York City holds a big part of American history. Still, now this city is making news and most of the time remains a desirable place for a tour when anyone plans to visit from another state of the USA or another country. Frequent travelers have the idea that having a trusted & reliable limo would add more fun to the entire tour. So there’s no point in not choosing a great limo when you are about to land in the city of colors & money!

Get a taste of New York’s landmarks with our exclusive limousine service

Being home to some world-renowned landmarks like Time Square, the Statue of Liberty, the Empire State Building, the Chrysler Building, Rockefeller Center, the Brooklyn Bridge, and many more this city will make you tired until you finish visiting all of them. Whether you are visiting with your full family, spouse, or friends; hiring a limo would be an excellent decision to make the most of your time. If you are someone first timer in NYC or have even visited multiple times, changing taxi after taxi would be a painful experience. On top of that, it would add stress during your tour. While a smooth limo service like JMS VIP LIMO can take all the headaches of reaching the spot faster. If you are in with a big group our elite sprinter van & stretch limousine can be an outstanding option. Being extremely responsible for clients, JMS VIP LIMO would ensure to show you the maximum landmarks of NYC to keep the badge of the best limo service for tours in New York.

Enjoy the cultural diversity of NYC with a limo ride

If you are someone who loves to explore the cultural roots of NYC, then having a professional chauffeur with you is the best option you can go for. The expert & street-smart chauffeur of JMS VIP LIMO would take you to spots that show & give you exposure to the diversified culture of New York. You can literally enjoy a short experience by going to the different neighborhoods in New York. Without a professional guide, it would be hard to find out the areas where you can see different cultures like Indian, Mexican, Chinese, Italian, Russian, Arabic, Japanese, Bengali, and many other cultures in a short time. All you have to do is to inform the chauffeur which type of culture you want to explore and he will take you one by one.

Shopping with style with the jaw dropping limo service

For shopaholic people, New York is undoubtedly a desirable place that won’t fail to impress you with varieties of products. Apart from the modern style of shopping, you can also enjoy exploring the local boutique shop and vintage shops in New York. If your tour is with 3 to 4 people you can visit this place with the luxury sedan of the JMS VIP LIMO. Our intelligent chauffeur can also give you some info about how to bargain & what place is good for individual items, in case you want to know it. You can visit the famous shopping zones of NYC like Madison Avenue, SoHo, East Village, Nolita, Fifth Avenue, The West Village, and Meatpacking District/Chelsea, which are the top destinations to go to. This type of place is most suitable for girly trips as women have a deep connection with boutiques. After buying and exploring the local market you can simply call the driver & he will be on standby at your desired location. Then if you plan to hit the hotel or visit the next spot, just relax in the prestigious smooth ride with our luxury vehicle.

Discover the nightlife with a stylish limousine

Loaded with people from different nationalities around the world, there’s a long list of entertainment sources in New York that keeps the city dwellers energized. If you like to see & enjoy the nightlife of NYC our chauffeurs are always here to take you to your selected spots. For your convenience, here is a short list of happening places where you can go and make your grand entry with our luxurious limousines…
  • Time Saure – Lots of restaurants, bars, and clubs are located there
  • Greenwich Village – Known for the home to jazz clubs, live music venues, and comedy house
  • The Bowery- Lots of DJ places, and punk music club
  • Chelsea – Home to high-end clubs and restaurants along with laid back bars
  • Williamsburg – All package area that has bars, famous music venues, top-notch restaurants
  • Astoria- A place with a combination of high-quality restaurants and bars
  • Harlem – Famous for live music & jazz in the neighborhood

Preferable limo unit for a different group of clients for a tour in New York

With 6+ years of experience, we have enough knowledge about our customer base and the type of visitors we get in the holiday time. So, for your convenience here in the following we suggest the best-suited limo fleet with their price rate when you intend to hire the best limo service for tours in New York.

Luxury SUV for family tour in New York with kids ( 3-6 people)

Nothing can be better than coming to the city of light with your family & kids during the weekends and holidays. We all know that when you have kids the stretch limousine is not a good option because you want your kids to be belted properly and be in a compact place within your reach. On top of that, kids love to ride a nice-looking muscular car for which SUV is the best fit. So, if you already made a plan to roam around with your wife & kids, the luxury SUV can be the perfect option for you. SUVs like Lincoln Navigator & Cadillac Escalade etc are the suitable pick for touring with your kids. This segment would cost you around $115-$125 per hour, varying on the limo fleet.

Tour with business partners or Spouse with our luxury sedan & exotic vehicle (2-3 people)

For a single businessman who still has not met their life partner and likes to see the ins & outs with premium-level comfort, for them the luxury sedan & the exotic vehicle are the best pick. Our luxury sedans like the Mercedes S Class, BMW 7 series, and Lincoln Continental, etc will keep the stylish impression along with the comfort during your tour in New York. The per-hour rent can range from $110-$115 for this segment of the limo. However, if you want to enjoy the tour with the pinnacle of luxury with our exotic fleet which includes Rolls Royce Phantom and Rolls Royce Ghost. Expect to pay at least $350+ per hour for both of these units. These royal fleets make the JMS VIP LIMO as one of the best limo services for tours in New York for the big shots like large business owners or newly married ultra-rich couples. Luckily the same segment is also the perfect choice for a newly married couple who would like to enjoy the view & nightlife of NYC with a romantic ride that defines luxury.

Stretch limousine for big college/school/university groups (15-20 people)

The stretch limousine option can be an excellent pick for college-going big groups who want to tour New York with luxury and style. Our Hummer Limo & Cadillac SUV Stretch Limo can carry 20 & 18 passengers consecutively. These two marvelous fleets have the top of the luxury inside them. Anywhere you want to hang out with your friend with a rugged style and party vibe these are unmatchable options. Plus, our chauffeur will drive this large size carefully to provide you with a seamless ride without any jolts & jerks. This makes us one of the best limo services for tours in New York that can handle big groups easily & ensure top-level comfort. For a stretch limo, you need to book 3-4 days before the tour day. Expect to pay at least $150-$200 per hour for renting these fleets from the JMS VIP LIMO. Having a big group will be an advantage as the per-person rent will be quite low.

Luxurious vans for older friend groups (8-14 people)

After retiring from work old guys often plan to visit different parts of the world and one of them is New York. If you belong to such a group we the JMS VIP LIMO encourage you to select our prestigious & deluxe sprinter van for your limousine service tours in New York. Our Mercedes Benz Sprinter & Mercedes Benz Sprinter Business can accommodate 14 & 8 passengers consecutively. So, this is a great choice for older group friends who want to explore the magnificent beauty of NYC while enjoying the ultimate luxury from the ride.

Final words

Being part of the limousine association JMS VIP LIMO is always looking forward to providing the most superior service to a visitor who wants to hire the best limo service for tours in New York. We are ready to give you a unique luxurious experience with our skilled drives & the pristine top of luxury limo fleets. Without any delay call us at this number (201) 567-8475 to get your booking done!


What is the cost of a limo rental for a tour in New York?

Well, the limo rental for a tour in New York will be backed by multiple factors like total rental hours, pick an hour or off-hour rent, vehicle category, airport pickup or hotel pickup, etc. However, for a luxury sedan, the hourly cost would be $110-$125, the luxury SUV $115-$125, sprinter van $125-$160 per hour. For a stretch limo, you expect to pay per hour costs around $150-$180. While exotic vehicles would be somewhere between $400-$800, depending on the pick or off hour.

Which company provides the best limo service for tours in New York?

In New York, JMS VIP LIMO service is known for its limo rental services. With our skilful chauffeurs, elite fleets, prompt pickups and drops, and budget pricing, we're the top players in this field.

Can I reserve a limo service for a few-hour ride in New York?

Yes, there are numerous limo service providers here in New York. Many of them have a specific hiring time for each vehicle category. JMS VIP LIMO is one of them where you can hire a stretch limousine or sprinter van for a minimum of 5 hours while luxury sedans, luxury SUVs, and exotic vehicles for a minimum of 3 hours. If you like to keep the vehicle for the whole day or the whole night, we also have that package for your convenience. But that comes with the additional rental cost.

How early should I book a limousine service for a tour in New York?

Apart from the stretch limo & exotic vehicle, you can book limo service just one day before your arrival in NYC. However, for these two categories make sure to book them 2-3 days before starting day of your tour. Due to their excessive demand, they are always booked! .

What are the benefits of renting a limo service during the tour in New York?

Starting from the hassle of getting stuck in traffic, waiting & changing the train in subway, finding a new taxi after visiting every spot, searching in the route for the next spots, lack of privacy, and less security, everything gets solved by a premium limo service. When you book a high-end limousine service for tours in New York, you can stay worry-free as our intelligent & smart chauffeur will ensure to gift you a smooth ride, visit maximum spots within your planned time, pick up and drop off your time in your hotel, etc. In short, hiring a limo during the tour is the smartest decision you can make to enjoy the tour fully.

How do I make a reservation for a touring limousine in New York?

Booking a tour limo ride with JMS VIP LIMO is easy. Call us at (201) 567-8475 and pay a deposit for the booking.

Are the drivers for tour limousine service in New York licensed and insured?

A limo chauffeur isn't accepted unless they have excellent driving skills or a valid license card. Additionally, drivers of JMS VIP LIMO receive training to keep rides safe and pleasant for clients.

Can I get any customized package to book a limo for the tour in New York?

Yes, you can get a customized package in the JMS VIP LIMO. Our client service will take all your plan & provide you with the package that's best tailored to your need.


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