Best Prom Limousine Service In New York

New York’s Best Prom Limousine Service

On prom night, you have one last chance to celebrate with your college friends before entering university. This is the only opportunity for any teenager to taste the luxurious & happening red carpet event with their childhood buddies. So why not make it a grand night? To make the prom night out of the box the JMS VIP LIMO services have affordable packages that offer high-end limousines. We give you the guarantee that every picture you are going to share on your Instagram, and other social media is going to be jaw-dropping. Not only that, when our stylish chauffeur will open the door & you with your best buddies get off from the shining sleeky limousine would be a rare moment in your life. With the best kind of comfort, safety, and a pure party vibe interior our Best prom limousine service in New York is the one you need to look for! Prom Limousine Service In New York

Features of prom limousine services

Whereas prom night is a matter of excitement for teens, it is also stressful for parents. It is also a matter of great concern for the professional limousine service to ensure relief to the family members. The vehicles are handled by professional drivers who possess the art of finding the shortest route possible in case of high traffic to save time. They are known for maintaining punctuality and will ensure there’s no delay in the pick-up and drop-off time. Besides, these drivers are committed to customer service. They have excellent communication skills which they maintain with a friendly demeanor. To book professional limousine services, there are customizable packages to your preference. It is always thought that Limousine services could be more luxurious. It is true but that does not mean there are no privileges for the general mass. Our Prom limousine services have reasonable packages that can be afforded for college teenagers to hit the prom night like a celebrity.

Top-notch fleets of our prom limousine service

Our limousine service includes elite fleets that will fulfill the expectations of the customers. Within this premium transportation service, renowned and famous classic stretch limousines, party buses, and even SUVS operate. As part of our classic limousine service, you will enjoy comfortable rides with vehicles such as Cadillac Escalade Stretch SUV Limo, Lincoln Town Car Black Limousine, and Hummer Limo. For prom night trips, a school or high school can book buses as well. Other than carrying a lot of students, they also provide similar services to a usual limousine vehicle. These buses are loaded with all the premium features that add luxury to your ride. For your convenience, there are Mini Coach Bus, 24 Passenger Executive Bus, 36 Passenger Executive Bus (White & black), 42 Passenger Executive Bus, 50 Passenger Executive Bus, and Party Bus, in our service. The JMS VIP LIMO website indicates that our premium prom limousine can carry up to 14 people. This implies that there will be sufficient space for everyone, even if you and your pals attend the prom together. In our collection, there are also SUVs. Our service currently possesses Range Rover, Lincoln Navigator, Chevrolet Suburban, and Cadillac Escalade. Each of these cars has unique features, and privileges that are elite and classy. They are not only beautiful in looks, as these brands are desired all over the world.

Perfect maintenance & skilled drivers ensure reliability

What makes us one of the top-notch limo services is our full-fledged commitment to ensuring proper customer service along with exotic transportation with awesome vehicles. Our expert mechanical team has full responsibility to keep each vehicle in pristine condition for the safest ride. And It is done with proper care & frequently. Adding to that, all the drivers are bound to have skills to steer passengers to their destination with tenderness. Anyone willing to travel with us can remain stress-free in a secure environment and enjoy a cozy ride. In our company, we only keep chauffeurs that holds bold & mesmerizing personality that gives the customers an extremely warm feeling during the ride. Apart from their excellency in behavior, these drivers are always under check both mentally & physically. We ensure that no sick driver or mentally disturbed or drunk chauffeurs are driving our customer’s rides. Which makes our position very strong compared to any other prom limousine service in New York.

Booking procedures for prom limo service in New York

In this era of email & phone calls, we kept the booking process smooth for you. You will see a tab dedicated to your name, address, and types of services on our homepage. All you have to do is to fill those up so that our drivers can be on standby at your desired location before your arrival. Moreover, you can also contact us for the booking procedure. Just dial +1 (844) 567-8475 this number and leave the rest of the work to us. Our reviews are positive and the testimonials show that customers are really happy about the limo service. The flawless services help us to see old clients frequently.

Popular prom destinations are covered by our professional chauffeurs

Without any second thought, we can assure you of a premium-level limo experience for your prom night. Our professional chauffeurs are always ready to pick you up & drop you off at your favorite venues timely. In the following, we are giving you a short list of venues covered by our prom limousine services…
  • The Sanctuary Roosevelt Island
  • 620 Loft & Garden
  • Tribeca Rooftop 360°
  • Loft Story Events
  • Rumi Event Space
  • Venetian
  • The Orchard Room
  • Brooklyn Steel
  • Sound River Studios
  • Tavern on the Green
  • Chelsea Piers
  • 230 Fifth Rooftop Bar
  • Gotham Hall
  • Gusta vino’s
  • 3 west club
And many more attractive venues inside New York.

Cost of prom limousine service in New York

Well, the cost depends on the type of vehicles you are looking to book. We have designed our fleet in a way that will help you to save big bucks if you plan to hire us for your prom limousine service. We prefer to negotiate prices on a client-by-client basis. So our costs vary in terms of the number of people you want to travel with.

Luxury SUV

You already know the SUV we offer is the one that dominates the SUV market. Now let’s look at the price rate for the service. In the SUV segment, the per-hour charge would range from $115-$125. And you have to hire our SUV limousine for at least 3 hours. However, if you have a big group going on the prom night then it would not be the best as our SUV service has a capacity for only 5 clients.

Luxury Sedans

If you want to take our luxury sedan then the per-hour cost would vary from $110-125. The minimum hiring time is for 3 hours and you can enjoy the ride with 2 of your best friends. For any further hiring time, additional charges will add up.

Luxury Van

In terms of comfort, we want to provide you with a one-of-a-kind experience that will bring you back to take our service again. Ultra luxurious vans of JMS VIP LIMO services are the ones that can give you a party vibe before entering your prom night party. With 3 hours of minimum hiring time, our van fleet per hour rate is around $115-$125.

Stretch Limousines

We would like to offer you the best limousines that would help you to enter your prom night like a legend. This package is ideal for those big & popular groups of the college that want to keep a lifetime experience with them. As our stretch limousines are the most demanding fleets of our entire business so you have to book earlier for them. We don’t keep their call rate available on our website. You have to call & confirm us then only we will reveal to you the per hour cost. Our limousine fleets have to be hired for at least 5 hours. You will love the JMS VIP LIMO services limousine collection as all of the units are top-of-the-line. Each unit can carry a bunch of passengers making it the ultimate prom night vehicle.

Exotic vehicles

Most premium segments have royal cars like Rolls Royce, Maybach & Bentley which are the pioneer of comfort & looks. You can book our exotic collection to indulge in a wonderful prom limousine service at least for 3 hours minimum. Plus, It is required to call early and book the position as there might be a limited number of limos available. So the earlier the better. It has to be carried out in advance. You can book for a few hours, and it varies from one fleet to another. SUV has a capacity for 5 passengers.


How much does a prom limousine service cost in New York?

A prom limousine service in New York will cost at least $110-$115 per hour. You can hire them for 3-5 hours depending on the vehicle type.

Which is the best prom limousine service in New York?

With a massive royal & luxurious fleet JMS VIP LIMO is the best prom limousine service you can find in New York.

Can I reserve a prom limo service for just a few hours in New York?

Yes, you can hire a prom limo service for 3-5 hours with an affordable price range for the special night.

How early should I book a prom limousine service in New York?

It’s better to book 2-3 days before the day of prom night. Otherwise, you may not find & book the best limousine due to unavailability.

Are prom limousine service drivers in New York have a good background?

JMS VIP LIMO proudly boasts that we have the best driver with excellent professional background. These drivers have extensive training in safety & client handling.

Can I request a specific type of limousine for my prom in New York?

Yes, you can request any type of limousine for your prom in New York. For example, the JMS VIP LIMO have luxury SUVs, luxury van, exotic vehicle, luxury sedan, and luxury party bus. You can book any type of fleet you want for your prom night.

Can I bring my own drinks and food into the prom limousine?

Yes, for our client's convenience, we allow drinks & food into our prom limousine.

How many passengers can fit in a prom limousine in New York?

If you want to book a premium long sleek limousine like the Cadillac Escalade Stretch SUV limo, a Hummer limo. These big-size limousines can carry 18 passengers at a time making it the perfect ride for prom night.

Final Wrapping

Prom night is a special day for every student. So everyone deserves to have an unparalleled luxurious ride with friends to the party center. You don’t want to look back at the album and watch a special day with an average ride. Here comes the limousine, they are not only royal, classic & sexy but they add the extra flavor of fun to that night. On a fat note, we would like to point out a few benefits for choosing us in the following part…
  • Extremely reliable transportation on a special night
  • Adding the pinnacle of luxury with style without any compromise ensures a grand entry
  • A big group can easily get into our limousine fleets that can hold up to 18 people
  • Amazing ride gifted by the stylish professional driver who is an expert in client handling
  • Excellent safety from our amazing chauffeur who is capable of managing the emergency situation on the street
  • Zero hassle regarding parking
  • Affordable package for big groups of people that want to rule their prom night with the most luxurious fleet on the planet
All these benefits make us the best Prom limousine service in New York City. Any time your prom night gets close by, don’t forget to book us & feel the genuine lavish ride.

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